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I’ve been using the Hemp Optix 1,000mg Full Spectrum CBD since I discovered CBD oil last year. The results are AMAZING! When I take my Hemp Optix CBD my mood is instantly lifted. My body feels better and this allows me to operate at my highest potential. I know that when I consume my Hemp Optix CBD Oil my mind & body are in sync and I feel my very best!

Julie R.
Sam Holding Cropped Full Spectrum

I have been a Hemp Optix customer since December of 2020 and can not imagine a day without my cbd oil. The 1,000mg Full-Spectrum (natural flavor) is my go-to product. It’s blended in organic MCT oil and has a delicious natural coconut taste. Another bonus with MCT oil is that that it is used by the body as a clean source of energy.

I like to take 1-3 servings when I get up in the morning and this lasts me throughout the day. I feel energized a clear-minded so I can focus intently on my day. I usually take a couple of CBD soft gels at night before bed. I feel like I am able to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed without that awful groggy feeling. 

Shawn W.

How to use Hemp Optix CBD

Shake Well

Shake the CBD oil tincture bottle well before using it. This will ensure the CBD is evenly distributed to ensure accurate measurements.

1-3 Droppers

There is no "one size fits all" approach when consuming CBD as every person and their goals are different. We recommend consuming a minimum of 1-3ml (droppers). This is approximately 35mg-100mg of pure CBD.

Hold Under Tongue

For optimal results we suggest consuming CBD oil sublingually (this means directly under your tongue). Though you can swallow CBD, by consuming your CBD sublingually and letting it sit for 60 seconds you will notice the results in as quickly as 15 minutes.

Bundle and Save

Bundle your favorite Hemp Optix CBD products and save an extra 10%! This bundle contains our high-quality, high-potency 1,000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and 25mg Full-Spectrum CBD Softgels

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