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Hemp Optix Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are formulated using whole hemp extract from non-GMO and organically cultivated American hemp. Our CBD tinctures are rich in terpenes and flavonoids to maintain the beneficial entourage effect. Tinctures can be consumed easily by placing desired amount of tincture under tongue, hold for about 45-60 seconds, chew lightly, and swallow.

Use Hemp Optix full-spectrum CBD Oil to support your efforts to manage the stresses of everyday life and, in so doing, to maximize results and well-being.

Why we believe it is important to chew your CBD tincture prior to swallowing.

You have probably heard someone say that it is important to chew food thoroughly prior to swallowing. Well, the same is true when consuming oil tinctures through the mouth.* We believe that CBD works best in the body when it is consumed intentionally as a nutritional ally.

Just as one would do when savoring their favorite foods, light chewing of CBD Oil can encourage the body’s saliva to create enzymes to support the process of breaking down, a very important part of efficient digestion. When people rapidly swallow partially chewed food (or oil tinctures), they essentially neglect to take advantage of the wisdom of the body and the natural function of saliva. By lightly chewing your CBD tincture prior to swallowing, you can ensure that your saliva has a chance to do its job by helping the rest of your digestive processes run more smoothly.*