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We Are Not Just Another


Why? Because we are offering products that we, ourselves, have incorporated our own lives and the lives of our family members. Like so many others, our “day jobs” have involved regular work over long periods of time in high-stress environments and under increasing work loads. We have done the research and learned for ourselves the importance of managing stress loads. Through this journey, we have observed the positive roles and benefits that pure CBD and other cannabinoids have played in our lives and the lives of our family members. We operate to make it easier for our clients to source premium quality Hemp-derived CBD and other vital cannabinoids for themselves (and their animals!!).

We participate in the wellness industry in a multitude of ways. From personal exploration to first response care to legal advocacy, we know the anatomy of  wellness regulations inside and out. We understand the legal ramifications of blind prohibition, and we are driven to be a true voice and a positive participant in this fast-growing industry. Above all, we are passionate about educating the market about the amazing potentials and benefits the hemp plant can provide mankind. 

Our customers are forward-thinking individuals who are committed to achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being in their lives! 


When you order products online with us or from any of our affiliate partners

you are actively supporting a small business that is happy to serve you and your family.



We offer a small and evolving inventory of products that we, ourselves, have determined to be the very highest quality!  

Unlike so many others, we do not just distribute products out of a magazine!

Less is More – Only the Best!


The key aspect that sets us apart from the multitude of other CBD companies are our values-driven approach, our collaborative style, and our willingness to interact with the world while learning and sharing new things. 


Our family-operated business model empowers us to be able to provide our customers with unique and personalized product experiences. 

We truly mean it when we say that we would love to hear from our customers!


We are Boutique - On Purpose!

The Hemp Optix Team are in business to support our clients in reaching lifestyle and wellness goals AND to bring positive change to the world in the process