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People choose to consume CBD because they observe improved quality of life in others!

Increase Clarity – Support Vitality – Live your Best Life


CBD is at the Leading Edge of Wellness Research and Lifestyle Discovery


CBD Supports Recovery and Growth Before, During, and After Training Programs*


CBD Supports Efforts to Manage Stress Loads*


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Hemp Optix by Original Springs, LLC

We are dedicated to operating a values-centered business! We are proud to offer the highest quality and most effective premium hemp-derived CBD products available on the market today, while remaining 100% family owned and operated. From our family to yours, we infuse our love and dedicated attention into each product, communication, and every single thing we do for our customers. If we would not consume a product ourselves, we will not sell it.

We are proud to bring you CBD products created from organically cultivated Hemp – Hemp Optix products are free of additives and formulated as nature intended — for maximum bioavailability.

Your relationship with our products deepens our relationship with the dedicated farmers who work hard year-round to cultivate beautiful and healthy crops. Hemp Optix specialty CBD oil is rooted in human potential, environmental stewardship, and community development; those caring for our crops are cared for by us.

The farmers behind the scenes thank you for your support!

Why Hemp Optix for CBD?

Potent Plant Genetics

All of our products are formulated in the USA with premium quality hemp that is sourced from hand-picked American farms that are Industrial Hemp Registered and 2018 Farm Bill Compliant. We currently work with farms located in Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Kentucky and North Carolina. We will be excited to offer products sourced from more states in the future!

Values-Aligned Manufacturing Practices

All of our products are formulated in state-of-the-art facilities!

Rigorous Testing Standards

Every product batch is independently tested for potency and to ensure it is free of heavy metals, mold, alcohol and pesticides!

Transparent Supply Chain

At Hemp Optix, we are committed to operating a transparent company. QR Codes on our products will link you to third party lab results for each individual product!

We are proud to bring you CBD products that are free of additives and formulated as nature intended:
for maximum bioavailability
Learn the modern CBD Science behind Hemp Optix.