Full Spectrum CBD 1,000mg
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Full Spectrum CBD 1,000mg



Our CBD oil tinctures are formulated to be pure, potent, and simple… just as nature intended.

We offer simply the cleanest and most powerful CBD oil formulated with organic MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) to maximize bioavailability and deliver a delicious taste you’ll love.

Drop 1-2mL directly under the tongue to promote relaxation and restore balance to the body’s endocannabinoid system with our innovative full-spectrum oil.

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Amount of CBD per dropper for 1,000mg tinctureHemp Optix full-spectrum CBD tinctures are formulated to promote wellness and to support the body to effectively manage stressors of everyday life.

Our Full-Spectrum CBD tinctures are created using whole hemp extract sourced from non-GMO and organically cultivated hemp. Our full-spectrum CBD tinctures are rich in terpenes and flavonoids to maintain the beneficial entourage effect.

This 1,000mg CBD tincture is blended with fractionated coconut oil (also known as organic MCT oil). MCT’s are healthy fats that are rapidly broken down by the liver and can be quickly absorbed then utilized for instant energy.

Experience potent stress and wellness support with our 1000mg CBD oil – this is our second strongest CBD Oil. With 33 milligrams of CBD in every milliliter of oil, you can consume a potent nutritional serving without using up half the bottle.

Hemp Optix CBD Oil is formulated with whole-hemp extract – this means that our product is formulated to contain nature’s entire array of synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes. Research has shown that consuming cannabinoids along with the naturally occurring terpenes and phytosterols will work better than consuming cannabinoids in isolation. This integrated effect is sometimes referred to as the “entourage effect.”*

Every drop of CBD oil in the bottle has been carefully crafted using premium quality hemp and best-technology extraction methods that are designed to preserve the integrity of the naturally occurring active ingredients.

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